my restless feet

my restless feet


Tuesday, November 29, 2011


It's funny that we've been wanting to see Breaking Dawn right after Eclipse, but moreover been wanting to have a movie date with my high school friends once again.. Back in he days, we didn't really had lots of movies watched together, and I think this is the first - for how many years now? Haha! Feels like forever! :P

With Ehmer, Neema and Jemai.

Trivia: Neema, Ehmer and I were classmates when we were in first year high school, AND never again. While Jemai - I've known her ever since our kindergarten days. Haha! We're old na!

I'm a Team Edward!!! <333

I first heard of twilight through my friend Geo, who's so addicted that he can actually finish one book on one sitting! (No kidding! Though a little exag?) Haha.. But seriously he's really into it! :P

Of course, for Team Jacob. Fair enough. :D

Actually planned of reading the series too, but I kinda hesitated because I don't wanna get disappointed or be looking for some "happenings" missing on the movie. Besides, I'm quite a movie junkie and I wanna see beyond my expectations and someone else imagination - as for the directors/actors of the movie on how they put this to life. Haha!

 And what's a movie date without Starbucks? 

And free stickers!!? LMAO
Silly Ehmer, and very nice ate (lady on his right).  Haha! He actually asked for her stickers since she's not collecting - for the 2012 planner! Not just one but two!!!

Sleep over in Neema's place next. Missed that too! :))

Love Youuuuu :)

PS, Nice name @ Tacobell Gateway

Merry Christmas in 25 days!!! How time flies.. May we have the merriest holiday, yet! <333

xx, Barbz.

Saturday, November 12, 2011



All eyes on the ONLY wish lantern they lit in Banchetto, last night. o.O 

Shame to the organizers of this event. Why in the world did they thought of Ortigas to be the VENUE?

To disappoint all this people. 
As of what I heard, they cancelled the event because they don't have permit and that authorities worried that the lanterns will fly thru EDSA or will cause..

The event was over just as it started. As we walked our way to Metrowalk, we saw lanterns flew well, some barely and this group - almost caused a fire! LOL :D What a scene, indeed.

Epic fail Wish Lanterns.

Strangers by the light



Ate's puppy, Happy.

Playtime with Happy, my afternoon buddy. =)

She sat in front of my tripod and looked straight to my camera. CUTE!!!

I tried putting on my other shadys on her, but she keeps on removing it. #fail

Sunday, November 06, 2011


PBA date with my Friend Kimmy AT LAST!!! =)


 and her friend Mark.

My first PBA and without Oprah. Wished I had better shots with my SLR. #epicfailagain

Kimmy ALMOST died to this photo! Super duper fan! :))

I am now too! :)) With Ryan Reyes, jersey #10 of Talk N Text.

With Ali Peek @mtnpeek whom I can say a gentle giant - he look nice despite his BUILT! lol

PS, got so tulaley when we saw Coach SIOT TANQUINGCEN. So kilig that he smiled at us, we were shy though to ask for a picture coz he's kinda 'busy' with his phone - Coach Jong too! Hayayay!!! :(


Goodbye loooong hair. Yes to short hair again. =)

Frosty - tastes better when I was a kid. Haha!

Kimmy Crazy Banana :))

My halloween costume. LOL :P

Zicri the Vamp! :)

My sweet little nieces and nephews <333