my restless feet

my restless feet


Wednesday, September 21, 2011


2011 marks the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

But don't get me wrong guys, this isn't about the attack ten years ago. (Sympathy to the victims/families/country though)

It's the 4th year death anniversary of our Nanay.

and as for one of my recent post, it's the 4th month naman since our Kuya Jude left na din.

 Also praying for Nanay Luz' repose. 9/18, She's with her sisters in heaven na. #faithfulservants

All smiles as Tito Oyeth is back home here in the PH with Tita Aileen and Aouie, kahit na two loved ones are with our creator already, it's still a celebration of life. :) 

"The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those who are crushed in spirit" Psalm 34:18



I should print this and put a frame! Haha.. =) 

xx, Barbz

Friday, September 16, 2011

M•A•C - UP

A quick post!

My first, yes my first MAC COSMETICS - set collection. :)
I've always adore make ups, so into blush ons and lip color/s. Don't really wear much, add the fact that I don't know how to put/play with it. Hehehe!!! :P But, as 'work' requires it, and I miss being FAB, this set of foundation, blush on, eyeliner, eye shadow, RED lipstick, and mascara shouldn't pass.. my bill. :D


Okay, this was two Fridays ago.. Haha! :P

Met up with some of my (as usual) friends. 

Bru J, one of my best gals wanted to see us after what? Haha.. Been months since I last saw this tiny girl! :)

Dinner in Gateway @ Max's Restaurant.
COMBO 899!!! One whole Max's chicken, your choice: Tofu/Sweet&Sour Fish/Pancit (something ata un) / Sinigang and another 2, as always forgot what it was. Max's Restaurant
Plus 2 Lumpiang Ubod (am I right?) courtesy of Jobelle. :)

Beeing with my friends.. after dinner is sooo predictable! :D

Iba pang BISYO!
 Nica, Gelly and Jade - Marc's sweetie, also followed. Two in the AM.
 Haha! Firts time to do "street drinking", though not totally, only along the street. Been wanting to do! :)

xx, Barbz

Friday, September 09, 2011


A little "home" visit.. :D
The sanctuary near the town of Corella, on the Philippine island of Bohol is having some success restoring tarsier populations. The Philippines Tarsier Foundation (PTFI) has developed a large semi-wild enclosure known as the Tarsier research and Development center. Lito Pizarras, also known as the "Tarsier man" founded this sanctuary where visitors can watch tarsiers up close in the wild (naturally without touching them). As of 2011, the sanctuary was taken care of by him and his brother. The trees in the sanctuary are populated with nocturnal insects that make up the tarsier's diet. Source


Face to Face with Bohol's little attraction!

Philippine Tarsier (Tarsius syrichta)
Tarsiers are the only extant entirely carnivorous primates: they are primarily insectivorous, and catch insects by jumping at them. Gestation takes about six months, and tarsiers give birth to single offspring. Young tarsiers are born furred, and with open eyes, and are able to climb within a day of birth. They reach sexual maturity by the end of their second year. 
 Aren't they cute!? :)
Thumbs up for all of Bohol's Tarsier Conservation Areas.

Tarsiers tend to be extremely shy animals. Contact with human beings (including being petted by humans) often leads to their death within a few months.

 Guy on the right is our tour guide, he introduces/explains about this little creatures and he even take pictures of you and your friends with the Tarsiers, even with himself. Haha!
A quick visit with the tarsiers is a dream come true. :) It's a wonderful experience to see this creatures before they become extinct. That, none of us would want to happen. 
I'm so proud to have them here in the Philippines and proud that we are taking responsibility in restoring their population. :)

xx, Barbz

Saturday, September 03, 2011


Hello there! :) Before I start with my post today, just a question.. are my photos from my recent blog a bit blurry? Heeee! Sorry have to copy it from my wordpress, since I can't upload photos here the last time. But now, bloggger have updated, excited for my first entry on the 'all new' blogspot.. and here it is, our Bohol tour! :)
 Have to hide those eyebags!
 Ferry ride to Tagbilaran/Tubigon, Bohol.
 It's a 1 hour 20 minute smooth sailing ride to Bohol. O.O
 Sunny afternoon in Bohol.
 Late lunch and last buffet batch. LOBOC River!!! :)
*Lesson learned: Wake up when your alarm rings! And Start The Tour Early!*
Buffet lunch at one of Loboc's floating restaurants. 

Loboc is the hometown of the famous Loboc Children Choir who have been traveling to many countries in Asia, Europe, and the U.S.A to share their angelic voice with the world. Loboc is also well-known for its floating restaurants that cruise on the Loboc river and where you can eat Filipino food as much as you can eat and enjoy the live band or watch the Filipino folk dances being performed by the local dancers. The tour will end at Busay falls and then will return to its origin.

Loboc is one of the oldest towns in Bohol.
Fell in love with this DOOR. Haha! :P
 Before we visit some tiny-cute-creatures..
 Buwis buhay muna..
 You can choose your own ride, Combo: ZIPLINE + CABLE CAR

The MOST thrilling thing I've ever done, so far! :)
 Actual photo, after the operator boys threw us in the air! Whooosh!
 See that white helmet in those cable wires? Haha! That's Joey,
 who have to do the solo flight. :P
Met some Koreans and Japanese from DLSU. 
 Way back, Cable Car. :) You can also choose: ZIPLINE+ZIPLINE.

Bohol has a tremendous lot to offer, so much that many tourists have a hard time to select those most important things to see in their limited time. You can easily spend a week on the island, and just see the highlights.

I think I spammed this post with lotsa photos, so making another entry for Bohol.
A lot more.. :)

xx, Barbz