my restless feet

my restless feet


Thursday, December 08, 2011


This is a guilty post, as to my last blog my friends and I went to the bloggers united 2 bazaar in The Fort.

Ballers from David Guison - the only blogger/booth I bought something.. Haha! Yes, that's right and it wasn't intentional or anything, just a sucker for quirky/cute finds. :P
And BEST example lang naman ako and Gigi on what it says.. Forevaaah! lol
So, I did bought something from a blogger. Yeah, I know just one.. Nagpapicture lang talaga kame! E ano? Haha.. :D Guilty as I may, fail pa nga that I BOUGHT SOMETHING! Ugh! I'm such an impulsive shopper, and sometimes, the not-so-good-impulsive-shopper! If you know what I mean.. Haha! 

I promised not to buy anything 'coz I already shopped for my up coming events and this bazaar is really not in my budget list, so, No-No to anything.. dapat! But I can't help myself because the other me (bipolar lang?!) wants to buy a bag - been avoiding bag shops, not to mention too many sales! Ugh! They're just to many like this bag I got at bloggers united, it's a Primadonna Gray Bag (original price P1,899.95, sale @ 899.95) bought it for P600, not bad at all right? Haha! I'm really not good with prices and all fashion related thingys, so pleaaaase, again bare with me! :))

Beach hat from Accessorize. Resisted the accessories stand - kept my eyes busy with the hats so I won't buy "bling-bling"/cute and might have been extreme finds. I am actually looking for a floppy hat something like Vanessa Hudgens'..
Fail again? Ayayay! Anyhoo, I still like it. Now, I just need a new sunnies to complete this Boracay Birthday Celebration. Hihi :))


xx, Barbz

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