my restless feet

my restless feet


Saturday, August 13, 2011


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Before we finally head back to the city, there's one place in Zambales we shouldn't and didn't missed. :)
It wasn’t part of the “Island hopping tour” we had, but since it’s a must see when you go to Zambales particularly in Capones Island, we asked our goodbangkeros to take us there. (Of course with extra pay) And + extra pay for their kindness and helpl at the same time. :D
And so, wish granted!
Hehe! Bragged about it since the 'planning' palang!
Capones Island's Lighthouse

the rocks of Capones
On my previous post of our Zambales tour, I mentioned that our second Island was Capones, this entry now isCapones' other side. From big rocks on one side, now the rockier one. :D
Boat ride from Anawangin, then that's what you have to go through to get all the way to the top! And that's only the start of it.. Haha! :P It's actually like trekking, though a little less steep and a much easier way of climbing. Thanks to those man made stairs! :D
Another climb? Ha! Died again. :(
Half way..
Pass through the jungle! :D Okay, not a jungle.. only few trees! I love trees! <3

Since it's actually peak season, there's about ten GROUPS lining from downstairs and I think another ten from the first level, 5 on another level and I lost count on the top of the light house. Note: I am not exaggerating the numbers!
\Sa totoo lang, if you really wanna lose weight, you should try this Zambales Trip!

told ya! :P
From downstairs, there's two levels before you you reaach the top of the lighthouse. From that scary stairs shown above (that is actually balanced by it's pole alone - no support from it's sides, no screws or anything), to the first level of SAUNA. Haven't been to an actual sauna bath, but I think 
I wouldn't try after this
. Then to the second level of SAUNA, yes, there's another level! :D It was really hot, we even thought of backing out! Literal ha, mula sa kaanit-anitan ko, hanggang sa kapa-paanan ko pinawisan! Pambihira!!! XD

the only source of air, first level and thank goodness there's little air coming in!
the only source of air, second level

Thank you Lord, for we're finally on top of the lighthouse!
Been dreaming and wanting to see and climb a light house. And now, I'm totally overjoyed (obvious naman dba?) to fulfill one dream! Next should be in BATANES!!! :D

Every hardship really has something good in return! Nax! :P
Magnificent view!  :) Pilipinas kay Ganda! :)
My dream house, is actually a lighthouse. Ssshh! :)

***Capones Island Lighthouse is a historic lighthouse located in Capones Grande Island off the coast of San Antonio, in the province of Zambales, in the Philippines. The light assists ships leaving and entering Subic Bay and Manila Bay. It has first-order lenses when it was first lit on August 1, 1890.
The original lamp and lantern room were replaced with modern solar-powered lighthouse light as part of the Maritime Safety Improvement of the Philippine Coast Guard. Only the tower though was renovated and the keeper's house and the other buildings in the station were left deteriorating.


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