my restless feet

my restless feet


Sunday, August 07, 2011


Here’s the second part of our ISLAND HOPPING IN ZAMBALES!
The real destination and the place we stayed/camped. 
ANAWANGIN COVE | Wild Life and Nature
It was my very first time to camp and camping near the beach is not a bad idea, at all. Love the sound of the waves. (waves?) It was pretty crowded when we went though. Peak season it is! XD I’ve expected pa nman to have few campers or groups lang.. But what can I do, I guess a lot have heard about this place. Haha! :P

And as I said, I’ve never done camping not even a girl scout when I was in grade school or high school. So, no idea how to put up a tent.. Hehe! Thanks to my little friends Ian and Joey who argued the whole time assembling it.
After we settled our things in our tent, just about to have a little rest.. 
one unfriendly-tent-neighbor
 started their bonfire like around 3pm.. right infront of us! XD Perfect! I’m a mermaid. Not fit to be sardines. HAHAHA! Jeez. And to not spoil our first day, put on some sunblock, my favorite lip balm and my hat. Ready to hit the SUN and go for some swim. 
 Okay, you two did  the swimming thing and me, by the shore. :P I love the beach but really not a swimmer. :( (a hot guy who could teach me how to swim? LOL) Yeah, mermaid by the shore:D
We did a little photoshoot on our first day.. Hahaha! Chos lang!  But here’s more pictures..

I love being barefoot on the beach :)
 I’d definitely go back here, and not on peak seasons. Hehe! I don’t like crowded places, unless it’s a concert or UAAP/PBA game. :P AND I’d love to have BONFIRE! :) ) We were’nt able to, since it was like on your left on your right, front and back there’s bonfire.
So, after having a hena tattoo.. Time for some Hang Over, over three bottles of The Bar Apple-which I’m allergic to!


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